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What You Must Know as a Defendant
Charged with a Crime


Table of Contents

Article 1:         Police Request a Voluntary Statement

Article 2:         Under Immediate Arrest

Article 3:         In Jail or Out on Bond

Article 4:         Coping with Your Lawyer, Family and Friends

Article 5:         Pre-Trial Court Appearances

Article 6:         Understanding Court Procedure: The Parties, Charges, Arraignment & Pleas

Article 7:         Understanding Court Procedure:  Motions for Pre-Trial Release

Article 8:         Understanding Court Procedure:  Motions to Dismiss

Article 9:         Understanding Court Procedure:  Motions to Suppress

Article 10:       Understanding Court Procedure:  Raising Major Defenses

Article 11:       Understanding Court Procedure:  Raising Minor Defenses

Article 12:       Understanding Court Procedure:  Conducting Discovery

Article 13:       Courtroom Demeanor

Article 14:       In Trial: How to Relate to the Courtroom Work Group

Article 15:       In Trial: How to Relate to your Lawyer and Jury

Article 16:       In Trial: How to Relate to the Prosecutor and Confrontation Witnesses

Article 17:       In Trial: How to Testify on the Stand