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The Florida Supreme Court, Tallahassee, Florida

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Welcome to our Law Firm website.

Our law firm is a team of trusted criminal justice professionals led by the highly experienced trial and appellate attorney, Ira Still, Esq., who is licensed to practice in the State of Florida and the District of Columbia.  The team works together to provide our very best criminal defense for each of our clients.  Ira has 34 years of experience in State and Federal Courts. 

We don't just plead cases!  We diligently prepare your case for jury trial all the way from your initial interview until the final verdict is in.  Only when your case is fully prepared for trial should you consider any proposed plea offers.  We do first things first and always with your best interests in mind.  We will never cease to fight against "government power" to Defend your Liberty.

Our firm is based in South Florida with offices in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.  We have represented clients throughout the State of Florida.  Ira Still, Esq. represents clients who are being prosecuted for criminal charges.  He serves people in the State and Federal Courts, at the trial level and on appeal.    Ira has successfully served for the past 6 years as a Traffic Hearing Officer.   He understands litigation from DUI to Capital Murder and everything in between. 

Ira has argued in the Florida Supreme Court several times on behalf of death row inmates and has written briefs in the Supreme Court of the United States.  He says, "I will not stop until we have turned over every stone to defend our clients and help them get their lives back on track."

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   We Offer these Services

  •      Free Consultation
  •      Interviewing Clients/Witnesses
  •      Investigation Plan
  •      Strategy Planning
  •      Pretrial Preparation
  •      Jury Trials
  •      Appeals
  •      Postconviction Remedies

We Work on these Cases
  •     Traffic and Driver License
  •     Misdemeanors
  •     DUIs & Reckless Driving
  •     3rd Degree Felonies
  •     2nd Degree Felonies
  •     1st  Degree Felonies
  •     Life Felonies
  •     Capital Felonies

We Offer these Payment Plans
  •     Up-front Payment Savings
  •     Working Man Plans
  •     Business Man Plans    
  •     Pay for each phase separately 
  •     No Suprise BIlling
  •     Time Payments
  •     Lump Sum Savings
  •     No Late Penalties

Tell Ira About Your Case

More information provided upon request. 

Email us at ira@istilldefendliberty.com right now!

  • What charges are you facing?
  • What County? 
  • Date of Arrest?
  • Tell me your name, date of birth, arrest number, case number.
  • What is the fastest way to contact you? 
  • Phones?  Email?


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